Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist, Pratt SCPS has a course for you. Explore new media, learn new technical skills, meet peers, and grow your creative community.

Fall registrations are open now, visit pratt.edu to learn more.

The courses include:

  • Scenario: The art of personal storytelling
  • Tactility: Inventions and sculptural interventions
  • Art Now: concepts and themes in contemporary art
  • Brave New World: Daily Ritual of Artistic Creation
  • Ideas and Motivation in the Visual Arts: A Course for Curious Creatives
  • Power of the goddess
  • Transgressive DIY Video
  • Create a picture book
  • Drawing games
  • Drawing marathon
  • Pencil portraits that speak (almost)
  • Drawing I: Learning to see, perceive and draw
  • Drawing II
  • Paint and draw
  • Painting and drawing Part II
  • Color theory in practice

For more information visit pratt.edu.

Questions? Contact [email protected]edu.

See you soon, I hope!

Applications are now open for the RISD pre-college programs, which offer an immersive residential summer and a year-round online intensive.

Founded by Dora Napolitano in 2016, Zurciendo el Planeta planted her international “Forest of Hope” embroidery project in art spaces across Glasgow during COP26.

At the New York-based, world-linked program, curators and experts teach from their own professional experience, focusing primarily on contemporary art.

One book features more than 110 photos from the Derby Archives, offering a rich panorama of the people and key places behind the movement.

Piet and his wife Anja bought an old farmhouse in the Netherlands, transforming it with lots of landscaping experiments.

Using sound frequencies that register just below human audibility, this exhibit in Richmond, Virginia offers site-specific experiences so that sound is felt deeply.

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