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How To Get The Cheapest Car With Car Insurance

In Denmark, it is compulsory to have liability insurance as part of your car insurance. This is true regardless of whether you buy it from the retailer or privately. In addition, if you also want hull insurance for your brand new car, you can benefit from 3 good deals from various insurance companies to find the cheapest car insurance.

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When buying car insurance, you can often save money by pooling your other insurance policies in the same company. This can be done, for example. be your home insurance, accident insurance and/or your home insurance.

You must be aware that your car insurance, the price of it and any options including depends on your budget, the car and its age, your experience as a driver and your geographical location. Some dealers are willing to negotiate the price of the car, and even offer package solutions in the purchase of your new car. However, as you can read below, you must pay close attention to what you get included in your trade. Not all solutions are beneficial to you as a consumer – especially if you have a small budget.

Car including insurance: new car

Car including insurance: new car

Many Danish car dealers offer car insurance in connection with car purchases from them. These package solutions seem enticing to many Danish car buyers. However, the legal director of the FDM, Per Alkestrup, warns against signing such a package solution for his car and insurance purchase without further investigation.

The package solutions can blur both the total cost of both car and car insurance. This makes it more difficult to negotiate the price. In addition, you may risk that car insurance changes after 12 months and that the regulation results in a higher price level. This way you are left with more expensive car insurance, the price of which you can not predict.

Per Alkestrup recommends that you read the insurance terms carefully. If you get injured, you could risk your insurance premium – and thus the cost of your car insurance – rising. Other insurers go so far as to terminate one’s subscription with them if one incurs an injury. In the extreme case, this is seen by damage that the driver of the car has not themselves been blamed.

Car including car insurance: used car

Car including car insurance: used car

Whether you are buying a used car from a private dealer or an authorized dealer, it is recommended that you take out a car ownership insurance. The insurance also goes under the names owner insurance and car change insurance. This type of insurance is relatively new and therefore it is far from all insurance companies offering it for car purchases.

As a buyer of a car from a private dealer, you are, in principle, only subject to the provisions of the Purchase Act’s complaints provisions if you and your dealer have not agreed otherwise. Therefore, many used cars are purchased in this regard as tried and tested, and thus without an incl. warranty.

Therefore, it is recommended that you bring a thorough checklist when inspecting the car that you intend to buy. Make sure you have everything documented incl. the faults, defects and the like that you find on the car itself. An examination of the car model’s known faults and deficiencies will also give you an overview of what to pay attention to. This can be done, for example. be things that you cannot see with the naked eye or without being a car mechanic. FDM’s used car test is one of the “tools” you can use to make sure your new-found used car is flawless.

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